How To Safeguard Your Electric Razor Blades in depth Guide 2018

Safeguarding your Razor Blades Guides!

This write-up will guide you on how to maintain, clean and pamper you razor blades to achieve a desired longevity and durability.

How to ‘safe-keep’ your Razor Blades

Oiling Your Razor Blades for Lubrication

Just like in other machines, Lubrication of you razor blades from time to time plays a vital role in keeping the blades workable, in a good state and ever-ready for use.

This is so in that all the integral parts of the electric razor blades suchlike running blades, foils, and metal guards are all working uniformly.

A well lubricated electric razor is synonymous to a clean, elegant and proficient shave.

To avert wear and tear of the electric razor’s parts from heat generated due to constrained use, it is pertinent that you frequently lubricate your razor.

Charming  merits of a lubricated  Razor Blades

lubricating oil for cordless hair clippers

Heat is induced in your razor during the movement of the foil and blades, causing friction. Hence, lubricating your razor will be of great relief and aid to you by eliminating the heat-induced friction and providing a neat, proficient and elegant shave, void of burns and rashes.

Oiling of your razor lengthens the durability of its parts and thereby decorating you with a reduced expense associated with replacement.

Just as lubrication is an integral activity of a working vehicle, so is the oiling of your razor a desideratum in achieving an optimum permanence with minimum resistance of the moving parts.

Generally, effective lubrication will not only prolong the razor’s longevity, but enable it work in a smoother tempo and facilitate efficient and conducive operating of the motor.

Efficient Electric Razor Blades Lubrication

lubricating oil for cordless hair clippers

 Joyfully enough, the vitality and necessity of lubricating your electric motor has been revealed. It is therefore imperative that you learn how to apply the lubrication.

Amongst the multitude of methods you can apply in the lubrication, ‘spray lubricant’ is the first key.

Not only that Spray lubricants are realistic approach of lubrication, in that they are pretty easy to be used they facilitate cleanliness and neat since they can only been applied when the razor is clean.

This cleaning is swiftly achieved without breaking the parts of the razor, by the use of a brush to remove all the hair debris, dirt and hardened shaving cream or gel that has accumulated on the razor over time.

As soon as you have a clean razor, softly disassemble the head and other vital parts of the razor before spraying, if the razor is a rotary type, to enable the lubricant assess the far-reaching areas and then carefully assemble the components ensuring they are well dried; otherwise, properly spray the lubricant on the razor without disassembling.

That is quite the whole process for effectively lubricating your razor with a spray lubricant.

The fine machine oil is another lubrication option that you have. Using this type of lubricant is an easy-going one since a bottle of this lubricant is sometimes included during purchase.

Add a few drops (one or two) to the inner blades and the middle razor to your foil razor and enjoy your comfort of using this lubricant.

It might interest you to learn that even while using and applying the fine machine oil to your rotary razor, you don’t really have to dissemble the head.

Gently apply a few drops on each shaving head, and allow for a moment to achieve a uniform circulation of the oil within the razor.

What Time is most Convenient to have Your Electric Shaver Lubricated?

Fortunately, your electric razor needs frequent oiling for enhanced output. Just to stress the importance of oiling your electric razor and to get it triggered off, most producers do incorporate at least a little quantity of lubricant design, suggesting that it is quite vital and advisable to oil before operating with it.

All information and guidelines pertaining to the maintenance and use of the electric shaver are captured in its instruction guide. Therefore, apply painstaking efforts in reading and studying it.

Despite that many producers will advertise and recommend the use of their models, meticulously decide which lubricant to use, whether the spray or the oil type. Weigh and balance the pros and cons of each type relative to the other.


 Your electric razor ought to be lubricated before use so as to ensure and secure the shaving creams and gels on it from wiping off. Interestingly, the spray lubricant fastens the application and saves enormous stress.

Gently allow a few drops of oil on the blades, prior to plugging its electric cable on the socket.


Virtually every user of the electric shaver will desire a smooth, pleasing, proficient and clean shave. After all, pretty amount of cash must have been committed during its purchase.

Little wonder that most manufacturers depending on the frequency of use suggest oiling the razor at least once or twice a week.

By so doing, you keep the pretty ready to operate without agitations. However, if you shave sparingly, say 2 to 3 times a week, you may be able to get addressed with a bi-weekly or monthly oiling.

Additionally, you may only need to oil your electric razor on a bi-weekly basis If you only shave with soap and water or dry since your taste and preference in shaving is also a critical determinant of your razor  oiling frequency.


Inasmuch as a good purchase blended with proper guide is the surname of a good use, it becomes imperative that you painstakingly study the instruction guide when buying a new electric razor.

This piece has resurrected and revealed information and guidelines to ensuring the durability and longevity of your razor.

Religiously use the razor as recommended and enjoy an efficient experience you deserve, devoid of pains, rashes and burns.

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