Top 6 Best Back Hair Shavers 2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best back shaver

Fortunately, back shaver are integral parts of a complete grooming tool kit.

There are individual contrivances premeditated for grooming and for removing or maintaining your back hair to achieve the thorough and smart look you desire.

The design contains a razor structured with blades designed to handle body hair. The blades are situated at the end of a extended razor.

Frankly, with electric back shavers, you can purely accomplish the elegant and timely grooming, while assessing the hard-to-reach areas.

It’s absolutely thorny to arrive at the angles necessary for a neat, tidy shave when you’re maneuvering through trying to assess diverse portions.

Top Picks

Name WeightDimensionsPrice
MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver
10.6 ounces 9.2 x 1.5 x 2 inches Price
BaKblade Brand Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver
2.9 ounces17.7 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches Price
Mangroomer Lithium Max Back Hair Shaver
1.6 pounds9 x 3.8 x 10.5 inches Price
MANGROOMER Professional Back Hair Shaver
9.6 ounces9.2 x 1.5 x 2 inches Price
BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver
5.6 ounces20 x 2.8 x 5.2 inches Price
Razorba Back Hair Shaver
12 ounces15.5 x 5.2 x 1.2 inches Price

Additionally, the blades of a standard razor aren’t structured to cater for the quantity or thickness of your back hair. As a result, you are positioned in an untidy, odd and directionless grooming upshot.

Remedy can be ensured when someone helps to shave your back hair or you employ the talisman–Back hair shaver.

 When purchasing the best back shaver, what factors do I consider?

No doubt, you have a lot to ponder on when trying to purchase the back hair shaver.


The cost of any material tells at a glance whether it can be purchased or not. However, cost and price becomes an ephemeral issue to look at when it is not above a certain critical range. However, look for an affordable brand and go for it.


Just like so many grooming tools, virtually all back shavers are supplied with some type of warranty. They’re designed to last, but anything could go wrong.

Of course, no situation is ideal, hence, even the most expensive back shaver unpredictably go wrong; therefore, while making a decision, go for a product with a prolonged warranty.


Carrying Case

A carrying Case is an essential element that secures and protects your back shavers. During long movements, one can attend with the carrying case of the back shaver. All these, conditioned for convenience.

Length of the handle

Before buying mens body hair trimmer you should check the length of the handle. A back shaver that is designed with a long-enough handle is the direct solution to reaching the hard-to-reach areas.

So that you can reach easily every part of your back without the others help.

Nature of the Skin

Some skins are more sensitive than others. So, it is imperative that you select back shaver that that will respect your skin’s sensitivity. Go for a foil shaver type than the rotary if your skin is much sensitive.

Dry or wet shave

It is prudent that you check whether your back shaver is the dry or wet type. Nevertheless, some are both compactible for both dry and wet hair conditions while others are effective for either the dry or the wet hair condition. Hence, you owe a great deal to check it out for confirmation.

Maintenance Requirements 

Someback shavers require very little care and scrutiny, while others will require committed and proper. Be that as it may, your knowledge of the maintenance specifications is an added advantage for you.

Therefore, clean and maintain your back shaver regularly in other to prolong its durability. By so doing, you have resurrected your back shaver and quicken the motor to be friction free and workable to yield the best result.

The guidelines for maintaining the condition of your shaver for induced longevity is here appropriately captured.

In addition to ensuring that in each and every use, all hair rubbles and debris from the exterior of the device should be removed using the brush.You can equally extend your maintenance to disassembling for thorough cleaning and carefully assembling back in place.

  • Carefully lubricate the blades. Lubrication extends longevity and sharpness. It also increases the efficiency of the back rshave. Sharpening the blades and replace as appropriate.



back Hair shaver

Your back is an extremely sensitive part that deserves a meticulous shaving attention. Any mishandling can have catastrophic and perennial effects. This is why the MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric best mens body groomer is highly recommended.

By virtue of configuration and design, an additional wide blade of approximately 23cm span, which empowers it to remove hair from the most remote part of your back hair without any frustration and/or challenge.

The foldable design will allow for there is increased level of ease in mobility and portability of the MANGROOMER Shaver due to its bendable and foldable configuration.

By the 135 degrees open configurations for maneuvering, shaving casualties and catastrophe are mitigated.

In addition to the above benefits, others include:

Replaceable Blades

Cheap and handy replaceable blades are incorporated to lengthen the service life of the shaver. Replacement is welcomed as soon as the blades starts dragging, heaving, hauling or jerking the hair follicle.

Potent Committed Motor

The involved motor is pretty potent, so it will not wear down even under the most extreme pressure. The potent committed motor will ensures uniform shaving, boosts shaving speed devoid of heaving and hauling.


  • Locks incorporated at different degrees
  • bendable design
  • Potent committed motor
  • Expandable/Replaceable blades


  • Massive design

Overall Assessment 

Your choice of investing in a MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric best mens back shaver so as to removing the back hair is a welcomed discovery.

All portions of the back are quite accessible with this shaver. Its portability and ease of storing are other magnificent properties.

Once used, you will be satisfied and even become a proud evangelist of the effectiveness of the MANGROOMER as an all-encompassing shaving tool.

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BaKblade Brand Do-It-Yourself


best back hair shaver

For an absolutely and expedient back hair shaver, achieved without utilizing a shaving cream, capitalize on the 1.0 “Bigmouth” Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver.

Additionally, you can utilize it right in shower and in front of your mirror. The product employs safety blades, which are extremely nonviolent and innocuous.

Stylish Strategy And Extended Handle

An extended handle is incorporated in this creation. You can conveniently shave and maneuver your arm with minimum stress.

Additionally, the invention is fortified with a stylish pattern for convenience and relaxation on your skin. This will finally offer you the best elegant look you have ever dreamt of.

Shaving A Diminutive Quicker

Beneficially, the shaver is fortified with a safety blade that is at least 10cm wide. This allowance will give you the maximum leverage within the shortest possible time frame.

Having the closer shave than previous will give you a heave of joy.


  • Designed classily for thoroughgoing coziness
  • Blades are selfsame wide and this parallels to a faster shave
  • Amazingly inexpensive
  • Obtainable in several insignias
  • Elongated handle permits personal shave


  • Blades may perhaps last lengthier

General Valuation

By and large, the BaKblade is unquestionably an imposing shaver. It is greatly economical. Indeed, you are most blessed to have it. Fortunately, the invention can be used starved of any shaving ointment.

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Mangroomer Lithium Max


back hair shaver

 It is generally preached that you shave off your back hair as it can actually hamper your elegance. The MANGROOMER Lithium Max best mens body groomer is the only reason why you can achieve this! After all, every hard-to reach portion is ultimately accessed to give you a close shave.

Shaving Heads

The MANGROOMER Lithium Max Back Shaver is supplied with two accessory shaving heads. Both of the shearing and shaving heads have a shock absorber flex neck, which will guarantee a level, uniform and unfluctuating trim always.

For regular maintenance, think of the foil body which is bi-directional.  Advantageously, the 4.5cm back groomer is additionally wide for a grander shaving area, which speeds up the process expressively.


  • Committed extended durable lithium battery
  • Lightweight design
  • Foldable design
  • Unrequired shaving cream
  • Potent motor
  • Embraces accessory shaving heads
  • Elegant rubberized handle


  • Slightly massive

 Global Evaluation

The MANGROOMER Lithium Max is the best for a healthy back shave. The stretched and supple handle guarantee an unfluctuating meticulous shave always. It is really a do-it-yourself shaving tool.

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MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro 

Ultimate Pro Back Hair Shaver

 MANGROOMER  ULTIMATE PRO is furnished with a skillful handle that is able to spread and bolt at any span of your expediency.

By so doing, you can appreciate and regulate the creation by working on the skilled latch knob situated on the hand grip to get convention spans for the flawless shave.

When the length of the shaver is exclusively stretched, it prolongs above 2 feet. By so doing, you can reach any portion of the hair with zero stress.

A rechargeable fresh battery for the cause of swift charging is incorporated in this creation. Non-slip rubberized grasp holder and physique for all-out regulation and convenience is also a part of this product.


  • Skilled latch Button on the handle
  • You can cherry-pick the span
  • Proficient first-class blades
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Inconsistent angle
  • No Handy shave

Global Valuation

MANGROOMER ULTIMATE PRO Self-assembly shaver is there for you to shave off that irritating back hair.

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best back hair shaver

The BRO SHAVER is indorsed for you once you will to utilize a non-electric substitute to back shaving. Just that you may not readily obtain the seamless efficiency of shaving in this approach.

The non-electric replacements are quite few. The BRO SHAVER is a reliable type. The Steel locks are categorically first-rate unifications in the entity. You can effortlessly influence blade modifications as many as possible.

The BRO SHAVER is supplied with 15 High stainless and binary edge blades for safety and buoyant prompted shaves. The device compatibility with assortment of poles-apart blades is a strong interesting episode.

The BRO SHAVER is designed with shaving superiority that is certainly fast and closes simultaneously. Your back hair can therefore be arrested by any decent blade.


  • Operates without batteries
  • Designed from first-class stainless steel.
  • Supplied with 15 superior blades.
  • Shaves swiftly and thoroughly.


  • Works fast, but could cause incisions and scratches.
  • Slight shambolic upper-back handling.
  • Build quality is substandard to contenders.

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Razorba Shaver Review


back hair shaver

Just similar in configuration to protracted type of some cartridge shaver, it is not an electric shaver.

You just need to invest on it once and for all for a thorough shaves.

The quality of shaving of the Razorba shaver remains exclusive. Your back is quite neat and painstakingly handled to give you the best shave possible.

Additionally, the Razorba is great in blending and adjusting to locate and handle the most remote part of your back hair. However, it is not always elegantly fashioned.

It is quite subtle to use and can maneuver through various angles just to give you a closer shave. Undoubtedly, this is one of the juiciest back shavers available.


  • Prodigious eminent shaves for the back.
  • Excellent design for the back.
  •  It does not utilize any battery for functionality.
  • Slightly stress-free to use.
  • Acknowledged by maxim magazine.


  • Not precisely DIY.
  • Not as operational as electric ones.
  • Implementation could have been way enhanced.

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Important Features 

If you’re actually committed in buying quite a pretty sharp back shaver, you will absolutely commit appreciable amount of zeal and effort to ensure you obtain the first-class shaver ever.

Thinking of a cordless back shaver is a welcomed idea in a right track.The contours and far-to reach areas are reachable with the cordless type while achieving a stress-free shave.

Attractive Merits

The merits attached to using back shavers can never be over-emphasized. Apart from the no-skin irritation benefit which is a consequence of less-stress shave, your sensitive part of the skin such as the chin will be freed from pains and soreness and inflammations.

You have the dual choice of wanting to shaving on wet condition and on dry condition. After all, since you painstakingly researched and committed yourself in picking up the best back shaver, you deserve all the comforts   in your shaving adventure.

Cordless Operation

If you want the maximum convenience, you will want to invest in a shaver that is equipped with a rechargeable battery.

This type of shaver will prove to be very advantageous.

One of the juiciest merits attached with the use of a cordless back shaver is the ubiquity of shaving—everywhere you go! So, go for a shaver designed with re searchable battery for your enormous comfort and convenience.

It Builds and Upholds your Self-esteem and Confidence

Remembering that excess and unwanted hair from your back has been rightly tackled and remove gives a deep sense of satisfaction, confidence and self-esteem.

You now have the right feeling you deserve. So, start thinking of the back shaver once you need the right confidence in your elegance. Your satisfaction and confidence, is the concern of a well-researched back hair shaver.

Do I Actually Go For The Electric Or Manual Body Hair Trimmer?

If you have wondered and pondered on this question “Do I actually go for the electric or manual back shaver”, then you are in the right track of achieving the best output.

This is because, by trying to answer the question, you have ultimately weighed the benefits of one with respect to the other. The cost/efficiency analysis becomes the goal of your mind.

Shaving without water and shaving foam, and yet achieving the best shave possible is a pretty amazing experience. Additionally, that you can shave yourself at the most promising comfort is also another handy benefit.

All these are offered by the electric shavers with front round cutting edge that raises the hair, and the second edge taking after and behind, trimming the hair from the root.

How to personally shave your back hair

You have probably have such questions swim in your mind. You are not in any error. By getting truly Prepared before shaving, you will have all the necessary wherewithal needed for your clean shave.

The best gel or cream to be used for the standard razor, cleaning and drying the back for electric razors become your focus provided that you are prepared.

Additionally, being ever-ready for a clean personal shaving of your back hair, you can also:

Look for the accurate setting:

It is very imperative to look for the actual setting when shaving. Well-positioned front and back mirrors will give you the right target. Hold and adjust the smaller mirror the most convenient viewing inclination.

You will be glad to see the far-to-reach areas clearly.

Know the first area to begin your shave

Do not go haphazardly, begin with the upper back, and then go for the lower back. You can employ longer handle for far-to-reach areas.

Conclusion On Best Mens Body Hair Trimmer

Any cash you spent to own a decent back shaver isn’t a wasted investment. This is because, regardless of choice, every man must shave their back at any point in time.

Therefore, since this specific razor is perfect for the purpose of a closer, smarter, healthier and comfortable shave, go for it!