The Right Techniques To Apply Your Cologne For Perfect Maximization

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Applying  Cologne For Perfect Maximization Comprehensive Guide

The Cologne, A powerful agent that sends men in a bragging sway.

As a wonderful perfume consisting of oil, alcohol and water, it is prudent to understand how its use is effectively made.

The invaluable ingredients of it makes it a unique one. Little wonder therefore that most learned men (say scientists) keeps arguing that cologne must have been produced with a women-attracting substance.

Frankly, you can interest people around you copiously just by wearing  the scent.  Frankly, it doesn’t end there, your obvious look of attraction and charming tempo can actually induce the on-top-of-the-world feeling.”

However, a disorderly application of it to your body and clothes may be offensive and can warp you romantic and attracting dominion on women away.Therefore, some skills are needed in a proper application of it.

Hence, in this guide, we are taking a painstaking look at the techniques of it,s application. By so doing, you will be equipped with the right strategy of applying it without immersing yourself in it.

Use your rationale and proper sense of judgement to apply cologne.

Although there is no streamlined quantity of Cologne one must apply. But a proper and skillful use of rational and right sense of judgment is a strong armor.

The personal reaction and repetitive, prolonged and overstretched reaction of your nostrils to the scent can be a strong indication that you just got it overdone.

The reaction of people close to you is also a key. So, you don’t have to use your it as an alternative for soap; wearing it excessively can be provocative to asthmatic observers and can induce wheezing, shortening of breath and coughing. So, take it easy. You will definitely be glad you did.

Therefore, confirmed that cologne  can pull unwelcome focus towards you when wrongfully or excessively applied, thereby destroying romantic interests, you must tamper with mercy and avoid extravagant application.Immoderate application does more harm than good.

When to wear different forms of cologne

Your choice of Cologne suitable for you is a function of season and time. Just like your choice of attire. If your dressing is lighter, then go for a lighter brand as well.

During the hottest period of summer brought about due to the inclination of the Earth and thermal lag, the temperature of the body may become inordinate and uncertain. Hence, you need a light cloth, yes, a light Cologne. You may begin to consider heavier cloths and Cologne during the colder winter days.

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When is the right time to wear a cologne?

Inasmuch as you want to make the output of your Cologne as high as possible, you need to wear it at the right degree, and of course, at the right time. It is advisable you consider wearing it after bathing.

One other ‘open secret’ is that Oily-skinned men tend to absorb the scent for a prolonged time more than their drier- skinned counterparts that loses the scent to thin air almost immediately after application.Hence, your skin type is a strong factor in discerning which brand is most suitable for you.

How to carry it out

To be pointblank, there are some approaches to which you can use to apply cologne.With constant and repetitive practices and experimentation, you will master the skills and technicalities involved in It’s application.Below are some tip offs:

The frequently heard distinctive phrase: “Pulse points”

No doubt! You must have had some time with Cologne users. You must have been hearing some distinctive phrases like “Pulse Points.” Relax and be glad, you just frequently hear it due its importance and applicability.

They are the parts of your body such as wrists, neck, and behind your ears that emits the highest amount of heat, in discrete packets.

So, target those points to spray your Cologne and save yourself ample time by not wasting it in less-to-matter areas. Discard the tendency of spraying your it at your underarm or anywhere on your body where you sweat profusely. You have your deodorants for that purpose.

The Right formula 

You elegant and fine-groomed beard will uniquely visited having got the Cologne of your best choice. So, keep the trend going by following the following guides:

  • Use the same brand of cologne as your aftershave provided you use aftershave.Be uniform and don’t miss up various styles of scents.
  •  Wearing your Cologne on your on the top part of your cloth is efficiently recommended. The spray can be directed on the collar, with some of the cologne going on your collar, and some on your neck or even exactly on your collar. Save your cloth from the risk of stains by avoiding to apply it on the visible parts of your cloth.
  • Use the same brand of cologne as your aftershave provided you use aftershave.Be uniform and don’t miss up various styles of scents.
  •  You can reapply your cologne once the scent of the previously applied one thins away. However, if It retains its stain longer enough, then you probably have an oily skin or your cologne is made as such. Then, you are good to go!
  • Place your Cologne in the most strategic points. Your pulse points answers this guide. You can also discover more strategic positions when you give it more trials.
  • It may surprise you to learn that cologne its estimated period, duration and date where it is best for use. So, always check the efficiency of your cologne by ascertaining that the expiration date is intact.
  • Remember, your feeding style can have positive or negative effects on your cologne. So, take the right food, initiate you cologne to a nice work.


Position your individualistic eye aright! Follow up the right tips for a perfect use of your cologne, remember the choice of cologne with respect to season.  The best is here!


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