How To Shave Your Neck With An Electric Razor

How To Shave Your Neck With An Electric Razor

The far-reaching areas of the face, especially the chin and neck can pose an irritating threat regardless of whether the conventional traditional razor or the  electric razor is used.

This is largely blamed to the oddly shape of these sensitive areas, especially, the neck.

Regardless, with enhanced diligence of use and proper studying of the instruction guide, you will be clearly accustomed with and perfect in shaving the neck area with quite a negligible degree of stress and error and yet achieving a proficient, neat and elegant look.

Fortunately, this guild will reveal and explain to you tips and styles that can make beef up your shaving know-how.

What Is To Te Blamed in the Difficulty encountered When Shaving The Neck?

In addition of being able to feature contours, the neck is integrally uneven is shape, therefore, shaving around it can be demanding.

Stubborn hairs are definitely present when using an electric razor on the neck. Moreover, not only that the collars on your shirts can really rub the neck raw thereby generating stunning pain after shaving but the hairs on the neck can protrude out in various directions.

A pretty keen attention and focus is therefore paramount to address the sensitivity of the neck and for a neater and smarter shave devoid of severe pain and burns.

Getting the perfect razor that respects the sensitivity of your neck skin is not just all required of you to achieve the proper shave you deserve, but a little dedicated effort in the practice and pre-shave experimental approach and in the fundamental directives on using your electric shaver, will go a long way in achieving a comfortable and proficient shave.

It is a common practice that amongst the various methods utilized in shaving, every dedicated and elegant shaver will have a unique and preferred method of shaving.

Their vast experience and experimentation with various shaving techniques, styles, creams, and after shave balms offer them this merit.

After all, not all skincare, creams and shaving method will be suitable for all. Most importantly, appreciate and any one that works for you suitable.

However, Secretes of achieving a Comfortable shave is not just limited to selecting the most suitable cream, etc, it further includes

 Begin with the Troublesome Area

Start with the neck and work on it thoroughly before moving forward. Thereafter, proceed to the chin and to other parts of the face.

Your meticulousness and accuracy will eliminate mistakes, prevent heat-induced pains due to prolonged time interval of use and offer a pretty surface finish.

Don’t be static! Adjust your Head Position

Being carefully or properly positioned does not actually mean that you will fix your head statically at a plane.

Help to make the hard-to-reach areas accessible by adjusting and tilting your bead to align to shaving positions. By so doing, you have saved yourself from greater pains, pressure  and discomfort while achieving an elegant, neat and proficient appearance.

 Always go Extraordinary and Exceptional

Try to enhance your shaving know-how, break grounds for new elegant discoveries. This will beef up you shaving knowledge and experience to address the directionless pattern of growth of the hairs on your neck.

Always Change The Angle And Length

Since the neck has so many different contours, it is pertinent to always be aware of where you are.

During the shave, you will need to Paying painstaking attention to the angle and length of each individualistic stroke (longer and shorter) of the numerous neck profiles during shaving will switch you to complete control and reduce stress even as you reach the jawline portion.

Apply Some Pre-Shave Lotion

In other to aid the preparation for hair to be cut, decrease the skin’s sensitivity, dull the skin area for reduced pain and irritability, it is recommended that you use some pre-shave lotions to alert the neck for the shaving.

For optimum satisfaction, choosing a pre-shave lotion and a shaving cream is the most suitable option.

 Regulate Force of impact

It is worth noting that the degree of force or pressure you use while shaving determines the level of comfort and pains that will be induced. Therefore, always take cognizance of the amount of pressure sufficiently required at any area of your neck skin.

 Regular shavings

No doubt, longer or taller hairs are quite demanding to shave than the shorter ones, despite the workability of the motor operating it (not even excluding the rotary razors).

The flatness of the hairs on the neck when overgrown can lead to extreme pains and jerking during shaving, mostly for sensitive, pain-prone skins.

Consequently, regular and frequent shaving is imperative. Using a beard trimmer, before utilizing a razor to reduce the length of the hair is also a welcomed option.

A Post Shave Balm Is Quite Essential. Follow Up With It!

With a post shave balm or after-shave cream, the fears of many men regarding to their sensitive skin is usually arrested. Whether sensitive, oily, dry, rough or smooth, you are blessed with the perfect skin.

All you to do is to get an after-shave cream or post shave balm. Actually, these skincare products are superb and will properly relieve inflamed and itchy skin and also help breach the risk of razor burn.

Post shave balms that contain vitamin E and B5 eliminate skin threats, ageing and skin cancer. So, follow them up!


Frankly, shaving the neck has always been a demanding practice. Moreover, every unique and best result-oriented shaver will always display a committed effort of patience, practice and experimentation to thrill his observers.

By such a display of diligence, the shaver would have invested a lot of energy and time. Notwithstanding, a good shave is a look. As the saying goes

“The patient dog eats the fattest bone”, it is advisable, desirable and recommended that patience and practice should be applied to arrive at the best shave when shaving around the neck.

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