What Time Frame can Growing A Beard Claim?

how long to grow a beard cordless clippers

How Long It Take To Grow A Beard Comprehensive Guide

It is a natural phenomenon for you to ponder on questions like: What is the approximate time interval required for me to have a fully grown and matured beard or facial hair?

Is it actually true that my genetic factors influence my hair and beard growth rate? Of course, the answer is capital YES.

Your genetic configurations, testosterone embedment and other factors like choice of elegant are prime factors that can inhibit or propel your facial hair and beard growth frequency.

All things being equal, it takes approximately two to six months to develop a fully grown hair. Particularly and variably, per month, the average growth rate of humans is within the neighborhood of 0.5 inches or 12.7 millimeters. Of course, the reliability factor of the estimation is as a result that hair growth rate is chiefly hinged on genetic configurations.

By and large, you are also at liberty to catalyze and induce your beard growth rate as swiftly as you desire.

The guide below is painstakingly structured to teach you all you need to know in developing a thick beard devoid of patches.

How long does it take to grow a beard then?

No doubt, high and appreciable quantity of testosterone, eating the proper foods, sleeping, proper exercising and the likes can help optimize the growth frequency of your beard.

Notwithstanding, apart from the Anagen,  there are two other  vital complete set of series for hair growth that are available. They include:

  1. Catagen
  2. Telogen

While the  anagen phase can stand the test of time more than the other cycles, extending to several years, and the catagen can last for a time interval of two weeks of few months, the telogen,  lasts for approximately a year.

Series Involved In Hair growth

how long to grow a beard cordless clippers


This is the starting phase of the hair growth cycle and it last the longest. The Anagen marks the stage when the hair follicle starts growing. Consequently, it is starting and longest process of development of the hair growth cycle. Although depending always on your genes, hormones, health, lifestyle and age, the growth rate or frequency at this stage on the approximate per month is 10mm.


The catagen cycle automatically follows the Anagen. It has a lifespan of weeks. There is a breach of hair growth as the hair is just about leaving your head or face. This phase can be frustrating to those who wish to grow a beard.


The Telogen is actually the last phase of your hair growth and marks the time when the hair falls off of your face and head, fresh hair emanates, beginning from the anagen phase once more.

Approximately, 1 to 100 less per day ceases to be part of your beard; yet you still have millions of hair left in your beard. Isn’t that a pretty episode?

Generally, the Tolegen phase is the most worrisome phase of hair growth amongst the remaining two phases.

Have you ever thought of why your facial hair doesn’t grow as fast as hair on your head? Well, just like discussed, the facial hair or anagen phase lasts shorter and the telogen lasts longer than head hair.

Factors inhibit or propel the hair growth Frequency

The hair growth potential of a beard is hinged by a lot of factors other than the hair growth cycle and the predominant gene phenomenon.

With variations intensified from gene to gene, some men may never be able to grow a long or dense beard.


Despite that variations occur from persons to persons, some male fellows growing at later stages (since hair growth frequency is a function of age and undoubtedly varied), majority starts observing the first signs of facial hair growth within the neighborhood of 12-16 years, which is generally tagged as age of puberty.

Below is a layout of age bracket with the corresponding probable cycles of hair growth pattern and frequency.

12-18 Years

This is quite challenging to some guys as facial hair begins to emanate on male’s face and occasionally, young guys have soft and patchy beard. The appearance of facial hair becomes simultaneously structured with the testosterone.

18-25 Years

Here, facial hair becomes thicker and beard attains the maximum possible amount. Nonetheless, majority will still never attain that maximum amount of beard possible at this stage. Getting this full amount of beard may extend to more years ahead.

25-35 Years

Finally however, the beard growth attains climax and maximum tendency. Beards grows astronomically with respect to gene. It is however paramount to note that the age brackets are not fixed as to the exact growth potential to observe the changes, they merely give an estimation.


  • Have you ever wondered why the Asians are mainly men that find growing a full beard frustrating while the Caucasians and African Americans have a thicker beards the One’s race predominantly affects the growth frequency of his beard and as well predicts the stage you start seeing facial hair as a teenager

Faster and thicker beard: How do I achieve it?

Your gene isn’t the only factor that explains your hair growth rate. Hence, there are other myriads of factors that you can focus on to achieve a swifter and thicker beards. So, you have all it takes to make your choice of ways to keep your desired beard elegance cruising.

Balanced Diet

To successfully grow your beards faster and fresher, you need a balance diet. Check out for foods that appreciably contain proteins, vitamins and other applicable nutrients such as copper and magnesium. Keep healthy and keep your beard healthy by consuming those foods in their right proportions.

Do you know that the hair shaft is partialy composed of omega-3 fats?  If you do, then you are not a failure by knowing that such types of food like chicken, eggs, broccoli, spinach, avocado and dairy food, will propel your beard growth.

Maintenance of Beard

Trimming your beard is advantageous to beard growth. Support your beard to grow healthier, thicker and in the shortest possible time by trimming the split ends.

Massaging your beard

Meritoriously, your hair growth can be stimulated and encouraged by massaging it. Your beard and facial hair will grasp a blood catalyzed growth due to the free flow of blood within the vicinity, when massaged.

Brushing your beard

Think of a healthier, neater and faster hair growth then think of a proper brushing of your beard with the required necessary bead brush with boar and other relevant elements.

As natural hair brushes, boar brushes are capable of rendering sebum oil across the span of your hair while brushing and moisturizing you beard for softer condition. By so doing, the hair remains intact and stronger.


Exercise is beneficial to inducement of hormones in the right proportion. Like other hormones, testosterone content increases with increased exercise rate, this is turn, favors your beards growth rate.

Applying products designed for beard care

how long to grow a beard cordless clippers

Beard care products such as beard oil and beard balms are great for making your beard softer.

They contain such natural ingredients that make them the best beard care products.

In addition to beard softening, beards care products contain the necessary wherewithal required to stimulate growth and beard healthiness and beard longevity without breakages and/or cuttings.

The growth acceleration of your beards with maximum thickness, healthiness and resilience can be induced with your beard oil. This is because of the presence of castor or jojoba oil present in it. Remember, it does not imply that on application of the beard oil, that you will observe an automatic beards growth.


It is pertinent to remark that a healthier, faster and thicker hair is a function of several factors ranging from genetic to consistent trimming with patience, to age, to application of beard oil, massaging, exercising, eating of good foods and balanced diet, application of beards oil and other beard care products, etc.

Having resorted in following these techniques, be prepared to receiving a smarter, thicker, fresher, finer, stronger, faster and elegant beard.

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