Corded And Cordless Hair Clippers Complete Guide 2018

Corded And Cordless Hair Clippers Complete Guide 2017!

Corded And Cordless Hair Hair Clippers 

A clipper is a clipper, right, whether it is a corded or a cordless one? Well, not exactly.

There seems to be some discussions on the difference between the two and if there are actually differences between them. Both actually have some advantages and disadvantages.

Cordless hair clippers are becoming ever so popular lately since the increased advancement in technology made them more and more powerful. They are competing heavily with the corded counterparts.

So much so, that certain brands actually come out with two versions of the same model of hair clippers, like the Wahl Magic Clip, one of the most popular model on the market which had both a corded and a cordless version available for sale.

In an effort to help determine what are the pros and cons between corded and cordless hair clippers, let us read further to find out more.

Main Differences

Although there are some pros and cons between using a corded and a cordless hair clipper, it is important to know first what the differences between the two types of clippers are.

Yes, both can pretty much give you great results. However, what you ultimately choose will depend on a few things – personal preference, need and lifestyle.

Of course, the most obvious difference between corded and cordless hair clippers is the cord. It is important to note that both the corded and the cordless type come with a cord.

The main difference is that the cord of a corded one is, well, attached to the clipper unit while the cord of the cordless hair clippers is attached to a charging base which is then attached to the trimmer for recharging.

Basically, you only use the cord of the cordless one to charge the battery in the trimmer. Once it is full, you can detach the cord and get on with business.

For those of you who like to take care of their grooming needs directly in the shower, then you will love some of the waterproof cordless trimmers, that can be used on wet hair and also work directly on shaving creams and gels.

For a list of the best water resistant trimmers check out this post.

Another difference between these corded and cordless hair cutting machines is the amount of power you get from each. It makes sense that a corded hair clipper will have more power than a cordless one. This really does not pose any problem in terms of how effective each one is trimming or shaving hair.

However, cordless hair clippers tend to be less powerful if used for extended periods of time like lengthy body grooming sessions or when you trim or style your beard.

This is where lifestyle comes in. If you are not really so concerned about extra hair on your legs and chest, then a cordless one will do just fine.

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Corded Hair Clippers – Pros and Cons

It may seem that a corded hair clipper is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing the perfect trimmer. However, there are some pros and cons you need to be aware of before getting one for you.

One of the main advantages of using a corded clipper is that you will not run out of power when you are using one, of course. There is no waiting for the trimmer to charge fully before using it.

All you need to do is plug it in and you are good to go. This is especially helpful if you are in a rush. Some also say that a corded one lasts longer because there is no battery to be replaced.

A disadvantage of using this type of trimmer is that you are pretty much fixed in one place. You cannot move around and use it elsewhere since it needs to be plugged in.

There is less flexibility when it comes to movement. Also, the cord can get all tangled up and might take time and effort to untangle before you can actually use it.

You can find some of the most popular corded Clippers at, like the ones below

Cordless Hair Clippers – Pros and Cons

The cordless hair clipper, on the other hand, will give you that mobility and flexibility that a corded cannot. You can pretty much use it anywhere you want – in the shower, while checking your emails or even pouring yourself a glass of brandy.

This type is also great for body grooming since you do not have to deal with a cord getting all tangled up. Some also say that most cordless hair clippers have a long battery life so it is great for short travels without the need to bring the charger.

Although a few prefer a cordless clipper, one of its main disadvantages is that it can run out of power while in the middle of using it.

This can be quite annoying especially if you are in a rush. Another disadvantage is that since it is battery-operated, you may have to replace the battery every now and then.


So, at the end of the day, whether you go for a corded or cordless machine will depend pretty much on your needs. There is no definite, universal best choice which will work for everyone.

Even professional barbers will have a mix of both corded and cordless versions in their range of hair clippers, and they will use the most appropriate ones depending on what their clients need.

Now if you’re not a professional barber then you will not need a range of hair clippers and will have to settle for the best one for your needs.

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